What is in Our Food??

For individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle, parents and food administrators, curiosity about the contents of our food may be an ever-present sensation.  For many in America, however, no second thoughts are given to the products we are consuming and providing for our families.

In the following video Robyn O’Brien shares her inspiration, research and conclusions about what is in our food and what impact it may be having on our society.  The information presented is startling.  She concludes that we all can make a difference if we all just do one thing to bring this issue to the hearts and minds of American consumers.  Businesses will respond to their respective market demand.  We need to demand better food for our friends, families and fellow Americans!!

Thanks, Robin, for a great presentation.



Media’s impact on young children

I had an opportunity to watch this great video today and thought it related to the post prior.  This is a video from a recent TED conference presentation by Dimitri Christakis.  Dimitri is a pediatrician, parent, and researcher whose influential findings are helping identify optimal media exposure for children. It is difficult to argue with the results.  All 16 minutes are worthwhile.  Enjoy!