Largest Early Childhood Conference in SD!!

The SDAEYC/SDHSA Conferece is fast approaching.  With amazing keynote speakers, workshop presenters, exhibitors and more planned for this year’s conference, it is a can’t miss event!  Check out our conference program and visit our website to register. 

2011 SDAEYC/SDHSA Conference Program


What has the power of 2,000 chocolate bars, comes naturally and is contagious?

“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish.”

                                                                        –  Mother Teresa

We know a smile is a powerful tool.  It makes us feel good, makes others feel good and is more contagious than a yawn!  But how powerful is a smile?  There was a great story posted by Ron Gutman on Forbes’ Blog titled, “The Untapped Power of Smiling”

Ron cites a smile helping him finish long running race, increasing potential for success, increasing longevity of life and even finds that we are born smiling!  This got me thinking about the impact a smile can have on a young child.  We all know that a smiling child can make a grown person smile on their worst day.   Just how influential can we be in creating smiles for our children?  If smiling can be so beneficial, wouldn’t we want our children smiling everyday?  I challenge you to help your children smile everyday!  Remember, it’s contagious.